Regional Workshop on ASPBAE's Strategic Directions
Consolidating our Gains to Better Advance Transformative Education and Lifelong learning for All
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The 7th General Assembly (GA) of ASPBAE is the first GA after the 50th anniversary of ASPBAE and also the first after the new global development and education agenda articulated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Education 2030 Framework for Action have been agreed and set in place. Civil society organizations and ASPBAE have played strong roles in informing this strong and ambitious new education and development agenda. For education, the challenge now and in the coming period is to consolidate and preserve the hard-won gains as governments, the international community and other stakeholders begin concretising the agreed commitments towards realizing the goal of Ensuring Equitable and Inclusive Quality Education and Promote Lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030.
New Executive Committee of ASPBAE and the new President Nani Zulminari tn
The two day Regional Strategic Planning Workshop is the culmination of ASPBAE members’ country level consultations through 2016. The Regional Strategic Planning Workshop will deliberate and build consensus on the future priorities and directions of ASPBAE, with the engaged participation of more than 100 participants, including country voting representatives, ASPBAE EC and the EC-elect, other ASPBAE members incuding representatives of national education coalitions across the Asia Pacific region, strategic partners and staff. In particular, the concrete outcome of the Workshop will be a set of recommendations to the new Executive Council on ASPBAE's future work and what should inform the new strategic plan (2017-2020) of ASPBAE.
Président of ICAE Sandra Morrison speaks
Representatives of ICAE Executive Committee and Secretariat taking part at ASPBAE Regional Workshop in Bangkok

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