Networking and Global Alliances

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Networking and alliance-building is one of the key elements of ICAE’s work. It is essential in order to succeed mobilizing our constituencies, partners and key actors all around the globe to join our actions spread our key messages and assert together the right to education and lifelong learning.

ICAE is part of the SDC Education Network. This network contributes to increase the quality and the relevance of SDC on education topics, including in the post 2015 development and education agenda.

Another very relevant partnership ICAE has strengthened is the one with UNESCO Institute for Lifelong learning. In 2013, the two institutions co-organized the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE) launch in 5 different Regions with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). In each region, the GRALE launch took place back to back with a relevant regional/international event on Education.

Another key partnership is the one held with dvv International. Most remarkable is the support dvv has offered to ICAE’s struggle around the post-2015 development agenda process that is been mentioned above. Thanks to it, ICAE Secretariat was able, among other activities, to produce an advocacy guide on Education in the post-2015 development process as a resource that would allow our members to be active in advocacy actions for the right to education and lifelong learning, locally, regionally and globally.

It is worthwhile mentioning the Education Working Group and its activities to defend education as a human right capable of developing the human personality, the ability to think critically, and the democratization of societies to form active citizens, able to act and claim social, political, economic and environmental changes. The EWG agreed on the importance of participating in the 2013 World Social Forum, as an alternative space of struggle and critical to expanding and strengthening an agenda that opposes the single thinking of the market. At the World Social Forum in Tunisia (march 2013), the EWG demonstrated a good ability to summon people and organizations at the workshop they organized (“Education, Social and Environmental Justice”) and the Convergence Assembly of Education that was another networking effort to strategize with other organizations and networks in the field.

Together with the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and Education International (EI) we have co-convened several events in New York within the framework of key milestones of the process. We brought together member states’ representatives, as well as United Nations Agencies and other Civil Society Organizations to gain support for a rights- based approach to education as a central component of the post-2015 development agenda and adult education and Lifelong learning as a key element.

World Assembly

This is the main civil society event that brings together every four years youth and adult educators and learners from around the world to celebrate the importance of adult education for the construction of just, equitable and sustainable societies.