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Report on the GRALE Launch in Africa
Luanda, Angola, 21st October 2013:  GRALE Launch Report_Africa.pdf 

Launch of the 2nd Global Report for Adult Learning and Education in the Arab Region
Amman, 8 September 2013:   GRALE Launch Report_Arab Region.pdf 

Report on GRALE 2 Launch in Asia Pacific
20 August 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia:   GRALE Launch Report_Asia Pacific.pdf 

European Launch of the 2nd Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE II on “Rethinking Literacy”)
Vilnius, 8 December 2013:   GRALE Launch Report_Europe.pdf 

Report of the GRALE Launch in Latin America and the Caribbean
Colombia, Bogotá:   GRALE Launch Report_Latin America.pdf 


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