Paving the way to Confintea VI +6

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For more than 60 years CONFINTEA (the International Conference on Adult Education) has been recognized as the most influential space in the international arena of adult education. 

These conferences held every 12 years under the auspices of UNESCO, are the main forum for debate and definition of the broad guidelines and global policies of adult education for the period between one conference and the next.

The last conference, CONFINTEA VI, was held in the city Belem, Brazil, in December 2009. With the participation of over 1,000 Member States and hundreds of representatives of civil society. The Belem Framework for Action (BFA) was adopted there. Based on the Hamburg Declaration and Agenda for the Future of 1997, the BFA records the commitments of Member States and presents a strategic guide for the global development of literacy and adult education from the perspective of lifelong learning.

Next year, 2017, the international midterm review of CONFINTEA VI will be held under the auspices of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL). ICAE with its members and the global community of education will promote a strong presence of civil society to provide critical analyses, evaluations, and our own perspectives of progress and setbacks.

We must also take this opportunity to position youth and adult learning and education in relation to the Sustainable Development Agenda and the SDGs, and find ways to articulate the fulfilment of the Belem Framework for Action and the Education 2030 Framework for Action adopted in November 2015 under UNESCO Conference.

As part of this process, ICAE invites you to follow the new section on CONFINTEA VI+6 on our website, where we will be sharing news, articles and key information on the preparatory process of CONFINTEA at national, regional international.



Shermaine Barret, ICAE Vicepresident for the Caribbean Region, shares her thoughts on the importance of Caribbean participation in the CONFINTEA Brasil+6 and the fulfillment of ALE commitments from CONFINTEA VI and from the Sustainable Development Goals.

“There is no development, real development if the entire society is not coming with us. Everybody won’t move at the same pace, same rate, but I believe we should all move… ALE offers that opportunity to all sorts of people”

Listen to her comments here!

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