From the ICAE’s history

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Katarina Popovic-ICAE Secretary General, Eva Piorkowski* and Alan Tuckett-ICAE Past President

Budd Hall's generous gift of fabric from the first World Assembly of ICAE triggered the production of an exhibition drawing on the history fo the Association that proved to be an additional contribution at our 9th Assembly in Montreal this year. 

There are eight years to go before our fiftieth anniversary - it would be good if we could build a collective history through blogs, pictures, artefacts and songs reflecting our challenges and achievements together, to make this the first of many such aids to memory making.

Alan Tuckett
Former ICAE President


From the ICAE’s history

When the International Council for Adult Education was founded on February 14, 1973, one of the founding Vice-Presidents was Paul J. Mhaiki of Tnazania. Paul had been the Director of the Institute of Adult Education, Kivukoni College and then Director of Literacy and Adult Education at UNESCO in Paris. Budd Hall, the first full-time employee of the ICAE had spent five years in Tanzania at the Institute of Adult Education. Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere was the President of Tanzania and was a strong supporter of adult education as a tool for the transition to Ujamaa, sometimes referred to as African socialism. Dr. J. Roby Kidd, the founding Secretary-General of the ICAE decided to organise the first World Assembly on Adult Education and Development in Dar es Salaam in June of 1976.

Mwalimu Nyerere was the key note speaker and became the first Honourary President of the ICAE. Paul Mhaiki chaired the national organising committee. Budd Hall was the Conference Secretary.

Tanzania has a tradition of creating commemorative fabrics, colourful fabrics that are used for dresses and shirts. Paul J. Mhaiki had the idea of having the Chinese fabric factory, Friendship Textiles, print cloth with the ICAE logo and the words "Elimu Haina Mwisho" or Learning Never Ends on the fabric. Many shirts and dresses were made of this fabric.

Budd Hall has kept a small piece of this commemorative fabric in his personal collection. He is proud to present this gift on behalf of all of the former workers at ICAE to our new Secretary - General.

Viva ICAE Viva!






* Eva Piorkowski - She was working at ICAE for 12 years from 1990 to 2002.
Eva (Kupidura) was in charge of the J. Robby Kidd Resource Centre and then the Informations and Communication Program.